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April 2009.   It was an exciting moment ten years ago, when I found I could make order out of the Ken Wilber’s stages with the AE or Twelve Stage Vision (TSV) model. The model has worked well since then in providing an insightful framework for current events and new scientific research — but keeping up with the flood of new integral and evolutionary development ideas is challenging.

     The AE website 2nd draft is up.   It varies from the earlier TSV version by its emphasis on Integral Consciousness, future challenges and on an explanation for the acceleration.

[For a detailed comparison with Wilber and other models, see ::Twelve Stage Vision:: authors blog for Feb. 2006. “Integral Politics” as quoted in the winter 2008 WIE has come out with some slightly different percentages as does the book “Integral Consciousness” by Steve McIntosh. 

NETWORKING.  My major focus for 2009 will be networking and publishing.  I will be networking in order to find more folks to network with who would like to explore, discuss, and help publicize these AE ideas.

  • Finding partners — especially an academic — who are excited about these ideas — and would like to further develop, research and co-publish. 
  • Improving the website (including better footnotes and documentation).
  • How to get a magazine article or book published.
  • Discussion/criticism/exploration of AE ideas.
  • Possible ideas on a video (the evolving integral stages).
  • Possible ways to teach classes, seminars, or do academic research.
  • How to network effectively — how to get references on who people know who might help with the above.

Contact –[email protected]